Roundup: Gift ideas for your “cycling-crazed” friends

What we love this week // Just what your cycling-crazed friends are pining for this year

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving & have fully recovered from the turkey coma! The beautiful day we were given in the Midwest on Thanksgiving made the day extra enjoyable, I even got in a bike ride! It was great to get the pedals pumping again, but the bitter cold set in for good it seems and I’ve turned my attention to tree decorating and decking the halls.

And just because we aren’t actually out riding as much as we typically are, doesn’t mean that the wheels aren’t spinning in our heads. If you didn’t get in on our Black Friday – Cyber Monday deals, or if you haven’t gotten through your shopping list yet, we have a few stocking stuffer ideas you might consider for one of your lady cyclist pals!

Whilst perusing the cycling gear recommendations online, we came across these fun cycling shoe covers that will add an extra layer of warmth and personality to your riding gear. Made by Podium they run $29 and you can find them here: These shoe covers come in a variety of prints, from Louboutin to Converse, they got you covered.

podium shoe covers, moxie cycling, moxie jerseys, stocking stuffers

For the ever-classy inner diva:

moxie cycling, women's cycling gear

For the Converse addict:

moxie cycling, women's cycling gear

For the forever beach bum:

moxie cycling, women's cycling gear

And whether it’s summer, fall, or winter, these statement peices can match the temp,

“Available in three different thicknesses:

  • Summer thickness provides a thin layer, just for style, but they’re light enough that you won’t notice them if you don’t look down. They’ll keep some of the wind out in the time trials, without burning your feet on a hot day.
  • Spring/Fall thickness is a thicker lycra. You’ll find this one to be effective aerodynamically, and as a barrier to keep the cold breeze off of your feet.
  • Winter is a thicker lycra, with thermal fleece lining. Use these on cold days to keep your feet nice and toasty.”

Don’t be a scrooge, come back for more goodie suggestions in the next few weeks.

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie


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