SPIbelt – small item storage for your workout

What we love this week // Where can I place my small personal items when I work out?

I know most of you Moxie women are cycling aficionados but I also know a lot of you mix in running, walking, hiking, climbing, kayaking, dancing, spelunking, parkouring, etc. … and when you aren’t in your Moxie jersey with the back pockets, how do you carry your keys and phone? Personally I’ve attempted the keys around the bra strap (noisy and uncomfortable), keys looped on the sneaker lace (noisy and awkward), keys around the shorts string (noisy and even more awkward), keys in hand (just plain annoying), and hiding keys in secret spots until my return (semi irresponsible).

And then there was SPIBELT.

moxie cycling, spibelt, women's cycling

Yes, SPIBELT does actually stand for Small Personal Item Belt. And what’s even cooler is that SPIBELT has a similar start up story as Moxie Cylcing:

Founder, Kim Overton, was out on a run one day, keys tucked into her bra top, and thought, “there’s gotta be a better way!”. She went home that night and sewed the very first ever SPIbelt. Year one the company operated out of her apartment and eventually moved into a warehouse where the manufacturing continues.

spibelt, kim overton, women's cycling, women's fitness, women's cycling jersey Priced right at $20 each, you can’t go wrong. Made in a huge variety of colors, there is bound to be a belt that matches your style. Are you a night owl? You can keep yourself safe with a reflective SPIBELT. Patriotic? There’s an American flag SPIBELT. Uniquely you? SPIBELT offers customized designs as well.

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie


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