Fall Inspiration and Foods

Food & fitness for your consideration // Fall is just around the corner, but salad season isn’t over yet

I’m sure that after I post this, we’ll find ourselves in another stretch of hot, humid days, but this last week has gotten me thinking of the leaves changing colors, the approaching Holidays, and slightly cold but still sunny days of Fall.

moxie cycling women's cycling gear jersey fall sunset

This morning on my ride to work, despite the high of 81, I was wearing layers and kinda wished I had gloves. It was chilly! You can tell that Fall is on the way with the crisp air and, unfortunately, shortening days. One good thing about the end of summer is the excess garden vegetables that somehow appear in bucketfuls when your co-workers get sick of making salsa and BLTs and end up with more produce than they can handle. Fresh midwest produce should never go to waste, so take advantage of the bounty with this delicious fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil recipe from the folks at Wisconsin Cheese:

To be honest, I’m not a huge raw tomato fan, but I did give this a try and I found myself enjoying all of the fresh flavors together. The fresh mozzerella texture pairs well with the juicy tomato, and the fresh basil gives the entire bite an earthy indulgence. This would be a perfect addition as a starter for a meal of pasta, or a great finger food for the pre-season NFL games. If you’re feeling creative, you could turn this recipe into true finger food and make caprese kabobs!

Either way, I hope that now that the weather isn’t as extreme and you’re cycling legs are in tip-top form you can really get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Fall.

moxie cycling women's cycling jersey fall

And don’t forget your Moxie!

john muir moxie cycling women's cycling jersey

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie 


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