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What we love this week // Don’t have the convenience of a safe garage to house your 2-wheeler? Here are some space saving options to happily shelter you and your cycle 

Somehow, between two bike lovers living in the same apartment, I now have a total of 4 bikes in my living room/kitchen area. Yes, 4 – in my not-so-huge apartment. And a couple spare tires. I’m not too bothered currently since one of these is my bike, and the other 3 distract the man while I watch my weekly round of bad reality TV, but I do know that it cannot be like this forever. Especially if I plan on inviting anyone over to the apartment, ever. Also, come fall, I’m moving into a new apartment which will have slightly less floor space, meaning we really do have to plan for where bigger items will fit.

After doing some research I have found several fun options that may save some space:

This ‘bike shelf’ immediately caught my eye because I already have a large black book shelf that I was hoping I could find a partner for so as to have two mirroring bookshelves. It would be a great option, except I still have 3 more bikes to squeeze someplace, so I’m not saving quite as much space as I would need it to. I’ve decided to look for something that gets the bikes off of the floor so there really isn’t any floor space being sacrificed.

This next option, the Cycloc bike rack, is very chic and would fit the modern style I love so much. See it here at Apartment Therapy:

It’s really a fun, simple solution that adds some color to your space as well. Although these aren’t too expensive at $79 a pop, I decided to keep searching.

I found a great DIY option I could likely convince my handyman/bike-hoarder to help me make and is a little more budget friendly considering there are 4 bikes looking for a ‘hang out’ spot:

There’s even a cool DIY process included over at Shelterness if you’d like to construct some for your own. When all is said and done, each rack on it’s own should be under $50; not too shabby for a huge space-saver. And it’s a fun way to display your bikes too! Are you a fellow small-space dweller? What’s your solution? I’d love your advice!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie


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