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Food & fitness for your consideration // Happy Earth Day! Paleo-what?

If you aren’t a Pinterest addict yet, you may have missed the pin we did yesterday for Earth Day – Click the image below to go to The Lovely Dept. blog for a free wallpaper download of the ‘Love your mother’ piece below! And if you’re on Pinterest, follow our pin boards to keep the Moxie coming.

We hope you had a fabulous weekend and were able to get the chance to celebrate Earth day outside and maybe even on a bike ride. We are busy planning and getting excited for our Barn Brunch ride and hope that if you are in the Madison, Wisconsin area you can make it out to join us for a ride and food on May 12th.  But since it’s Monday, we are going to kick off the week with a Stealthy & Healthy. There’s been frequent talk about the Paleo, or Caveman, diet lately and I was interested to know more. Deb, one of our founders, has been structuring her meals around some of the ideas, so that sparked a conversation, what is it and what are the benefits?

The Paleo diet/lifestyle, goes back in time about 10,000 years to examine what we, as human beings, were eating to sustain ourselves before the modern agriculture advances we are used to today. First made popular in the 1970’s by gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin, it is based on the idea that our genetics, unlike technology, have not changed much over time and we are not fully adapted to contemporary foods, leading us to poor nutrition and disease. The theory suggests our optimal diet is that of our ancestors; mainly lean meats, fish, eggs and fresh produce, absolutely no processed foods, dairy, and grains while limiting nuts and fatty oils.

After looking into several sources, there seems to be a varied response to the diet plan by nutritionists. Most of the dispute is over the evolutionary claims that support the diet. For example, since agriculture and raising farm animals began, we have adapted to have the ability to consume milk products after our infancy stages. Also, basing a diet around what our ancestors consumed does not provide a clear menu; hunter and gatherers’ diets are varied across areas of the world which makes guidelines for Paleo varied and unclear.

In result, there are many degrees you could implent Paleo into your life. The website Paleo Diet Lifestyle gives 15 tips, including eating lots of fatty animal meat, while Caveman Diet suggests only lean meats. Strict Paleo dieters have cut out salt and all caffeine. However you see the guidelines, it’s clear that the diet has gained popularity recently and personally I think there are some definite benefits. I can’t say the entire lifestyle is what’s best for everyone, but it’s main motto of cutting back on the processed foods is something everyone AND our environment could benefit from. Reducing our carbon footprint by eating locally [Farmer’s Market season!!] and choosing fresh, organic over processed and packaged is a great way to ‘LOVE YOUR MOTHER.’

Have you adapted a Paleo lifestyle or have you heard success stories of is it just another diet to sell cookbooks? Tell us what you think!

Here are a couple recipes for sampling if you’d like to test it out yourself!

Breakfast seems to be the easiest adjustment since eggs and bacon are common staples. Here is a yummy example from My Little Celebration

Paleo spinach, onion, and homemade salsa with flax omlette and cinnamon apple slices

Lunch and dinner get a little bit harder when you have to cut out all grains and dairy, but here is a great recipe from The Cavewoman Cafe along with a very informational post:

Primal Vegetable Strata

And just for those visual learners out there, heres an interesting info-graphic about the Paleo Diet.

Paleolithic Diet Explained
 Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie



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