Moxie Trends

What we love this week // Moxie Cycling is now offering customized jersey’s for you and your cycling group! DNA by Moxie

Moxie Cycling Co. is excited to announce DNA by Moxie! You can now work with Team Moxie to create a unique design true to your style and personality.

We help you find the perfect colors and pattern to make you and your team stand out. Looking for a fun way to dress up your group for the upcoming season of cycling events? Contact us through the end of May to get your order for this season. Low minimums and always high in style!

Here is how it works:

If you are a previous RAGBRAI participant, you may already be familiar with the company The Peanut Butter Jam – a family owned group that makes loaded PB&J’s for the riders of RAGBRAI. [Get the full scoop at] This year at RAGBRAI they will be wearing one of our custom made jerseys that are exclusive to their team.

Check out the designs we came up with:

Want to see which one they decided on? Stop by their location throughout the RAGBRAI ride and see in person!

If you have an interest in getting your own custom Moxie DNA jersey, e-mail to get more information and pricing details.

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie


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