Where to Ride

In the Twin Cities & across the country // Getting prepared for our Moxie Barn Brunch ride in Madison on May 12th!

Mark your calendars! Saturday May 12th is Moxie Cycling’s Barn Brunch Ride, taking place in the Madison, Wisconsin area and YOU are invited. Roughly 25 miles each way, the ride will begin in Madison and head south on the Badger State Trail. The destination will be a gorgeous 100 year old barn where we will have brunch and good company provided before heading back to complete the 50 mile ride. All levels of cyclists are encouraged to join! This will be an informal & free-to-attend event meant to get you ladies back on two wheels. Let us know you are coming or if you have questions via our Facebook page!

In preparation, I did a portion of the ride yesterday afternoon and brought my lovely mother along with me. The conditions were not ideal; there were wind gusts above 25 mph and we did get rained on here and there, but it was still a warm day and we still had an enjoyable ride. Here is Terri ready to ride:

Terri in her Moxie jersey & Trip wanting to come along

The scenery is rolling countryside, several horse farms, happy cows, and lush fields. Along the Badger State Trail there are many wooden bridges that cross over twisting creeks and offer good places to stop and take in the fresh air. The trail itself is packed dirt/gravel and easy to ride on with both big and skinny tires. Occasionally it can become muddy if there has been a heavy rain recently, but generally the trail is very well maintained and easy to ride. The path goes from Madison through Fitchburg, Basco, Belleville, and eventually all the way to New Glarus and Monticello. A pass is required to use the trail which you can get at the start of the trail via the registration box or at local convenience stores, $4 for one day or $20 for the season. The above photo is from the Belleville section of the trail.

Save the date and come back soon to find more details about Moxie Cycling’s Barn Brunch Ride on May 12th. Bring your Mom for something fun to do on Mother’s Day weekend, or recruit your girlfriends for a good way to get outside and active. Guys are welcome to come as well, as long as they bring a female +1!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie


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