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Food & fitness for your consideration // Did you know that April is Grilled Cheese Month? We love the classic cheddar, but check out some of these great variations!

It’s true. There is an entire month dedicated to the grilled cheese sandwich. This April don’t miss out on the fun! Try some of the latest creative takes on the cheddar classic:

  • Here’s a yummy combination of Wisconsin Gouda cheese, bell peppers, onion, and  spinach on the The Green Acre by Grilled Cheese Academy [click for full recipe]

  • Or you could create a mash-up of the grilled cheese sandwich and green goddess sauce, such as done by Panini Happy:

  • And why stop there – you can even substitute in a grilled cheese sandwich as dessert with the Apple Pie Grilled Cheeseby Family Fresh Cooking.

Think you have a recipe that outdoes them all? The Grilled Cheese Academy is actually holding a contest for the best Grilled Cheese Recipe that goes through the end of April. Enter and you could win a trip to New York to see ABC’s ‘The Chew’!

Moxie Cycling has some exciting news to share! We were recently featured in the Star Tribune in the business section, you can read the article HERE.

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