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What we love this week // Keeping your energy up and metabolism in high gear doesn’t mean you have to carry around tupperware for meals every 3 hours, Clif Shots got you covered in between main meals

Guess who’s signed up OFFICIALLY for RAGBRAI? The women of Moxie Cycling Co! As well as our men of Moxie Cycling Co. who plan on riding an old-school tandem bike decked out in Moxie green. If you don’t have enough reason to join us in this amazing event already, you will not want to miss out on seeing that.

If you know the story behind Moxie, then you know this will be approaching our first official year selling our unique jerseys, and we are so excited to be back at RAGBRAI where the whole idea was spurred. We will be at the expo before the ride begins on July 21st in Sioux Center, Iowa from 12 to 9PM and then various members of our team will be riding the entire week through July 28th. And did you know that Counting Crows will be performing the night of July 26th? We hope you can make it!

Here is one item that is definitely on our packing list for these long, full-day rides: Clif Shots. These little gel shots are essentially fuel for your body in a compact and travel-ready package, which fit perfect into your Moxie jersey’s back pockets. Staying hydrated and having a good stream of energy-supplying food is key to overworking your muscles and ending up sore and stiff the next morning. When you have a week of riding ahead of you, planning is essential.

Deb described her typical day at RAGBRAI as:

• 6 AM – waking up with a cup of coffee and a half of a Larabar or Clif Bar for breakfast

• 7-9AM riding like madwomen

• 9:30AM 1st stop to hydrate and have the other half of a bar

• 10 – 12PM ride to halfway point of the day

• 12-1PM stop for lunch

• 1-3PM hit the road again

• 3:30PM hydrate and keep energy up with a Clif Shot

•  5PM stop for dinner

•  6-finish up the day’s ride to get to the camping spot

So as you can see, during a day of riding 70 or so miles, there is a lot of focus around keeping at peak performance levels through hydration and food, and there is obviously a lot of time on a bike which makes it hard to eat anything too complicated. I know that once I’ve been on the road for a few hours, my body starts to really crave something substantial, like a classic double cheeseburger with bacon. But Deb has also warned against eating too much at one time – although you feel like you could eat the entire lunch menu, you’ll end up with a ‘food baby,’ or that large ball of food resembling second trimester. Biking does not put your body in a position to efficiently digest; you’re hunched over and blood is being circulated heavily through your legs and kept out of your digestive organs. This is why items such as Clif Shots are handy to step in and keep your hunger at bay while allowing your muscles to run smoothly and recover faster. One an hour is what some trainers recommend to make sure your body isn’t becoming too energy depleted.

From Clif’s official website:

CLIF SHOT takes a streamlined approach to performance nutrition – delivering only what your body needs most while training and racing. Our organic ingredients help provide clean essential energy and hydration, plus fast muscle recovery.

Know some other great on-the-go energy-packing foods? Share with us! We want to put them to the test!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie 


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