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Food & fitness for your consideration // Enough of March Madness, Morel hunting season is right around the corner

As a small girl, I remember visiting my grandparents house along the Mississippi River and my grandpa bringing home pales of the elusive Morel mushrooms for grandma to pan fry. I didn’t really understand why at the time, but they were eaten as a delicacy; everyone gathered around and made sure the batch was split evenly so as nobody was served short. To this day I get excited when I come across the first batch of local morels whether by a friend’s scouting efforts or at the farmer’s market, so today’s Stealthy & Healthy I’ll share with you one of my favorite ways to have morels.

But before we get down to daydreaming about eating Morels, let’s look at why we like them so much:

  • Their flavor can be described as an earthy and nut-like, a very distinct taste unique to morels
  • Their growing patterns are still highly unpredictable, making the hunt part of the fun, but are often found where fallen trees have recently burned or broken down, enriching the soil
  •  Morels are high in iron, vitamin D, and low in calories
  • When you come across a patch, it’s like winning the lottery…. (Okay, almost)… but their growing season is from mid-April to mid-June, making these fungi available for a limited time only

When you are lucky enough to find some, or are willing to pay a pretty penny to indulge your taste buds, there are a variety of ways to enjoy them, but my favorite is as a rich, complementing sauce to top a choice rib-eye or New York strip. Might as well go all out, right? My grandma has her own recipe that she freestyles, and hopefully I’ll learn her method one day soon, but here is a version that works excellent from Fat of the Land. [Click the picture for the full recipe.]

Best of luck to all of you morel hunters! We would love to hear your stories of success here on the blog or on our Facebook page as well.

Also, did you get your bike ride in today? #30DaysofBiking is underway! It’s not too late to get involved – challenge yourself to make the changes necessary to include cycling in your life consistently. Check out some recent stories:

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