Where to Ride this Weekend

In the Twin Cities & across the country // Sick of traffic in the city? Take your ride to the woods at White Tail Ridge

The Trail: White Tail Ridge – 5.7 mile loop

Start: About 45 minutes East of St. Paul, this is one of the best kept and highest quality singletracks you can find in the area. Just off of Highway 35, a couple miles North of the City of River Falls you can park at the end of Whitetail Blvd which dead ends at the start of the trail. Click the map for more details.

End:  This is about a 5.7 mile loops that brings you back to the start

In Between:   There are several ways to approach the loop, but either one you get some wicked climbs. If you start going South, which is the direction the mountain bike races use, you begin with a steady incline to increase your elevation and from there you’re in for a roller coaster. The scenery in spring is perfect since the undergrowth hasn’t had the chance to fully take over, giving you lots of greenery but not hindering your ability to get a visual of the upcoming trail. But beware of the humid or rainy days [unless you are training for Tough Mudder] because you will not leave with a un-splattered spot on you if the trail has some juice.

When to Ride: The great thing about this trail is that it is open year round for mountain biking, running, hiking, and is even popular for snow shoeing. The ideal times of the year would be early spring on a dry day or later fall once the weather begins to cool. The views are outstanding from the top of the ridge and you get to appreciate every angle of the forest throughout the trail.

Why YOU should check it out: Don’t let the boys have all the fun… mountain biking, as well as cycling in general, is dominated by mostly men. But so at one time was snowboarding, skiing, drag racing, hockey, etc. If you like a challenge and have the patience to practice the frustrating areas of the trail, this is a good place to start. After a good ride you may be dirty and sore but you’ll feel pretty proud to have gotten through. 

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie


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