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What we love this week // Special care for your derriere from Chamois Butt’r

It’s decision making time! That pre-season period where we have to get organized and decide what cycling tours we are going to take part in this year, and hopefully it will be a fun and challenging schedule. If you are opting for the shorter and sweeter rides, you may not need to think about it, but if you are in for a long haul, then you MUST make Chamois Butt’r your bathroom buddy. No butts about it.

Keep your buns baby soft!

Found at most bike shops, Chamois Butt’r is exactly what you think it is; it’s a soft, lotion-like substance applied to your bum. It doesn’t sound appealing now, but when your bike seat starts to feel like “sitting on razor blades,” as Deb accurately described it, you will be glad you brought a tube or 4 of this product.

Made specifically for protecting your booty from chafing and and other skin soreness, you will want to put this on lotion-like before a 50-70 mile day. It doesen’t have a scent and won’t show any visible damp spots through your bike shorts since it’s consistency is most similar to a thicker body balm rather than an oily vaseline. Once applied and on your bike you will forget it’s there. One tube will last you on average 100-150 miles depending on how much coverage you’d prefer.

Application Option #1: Directly to your backside. If it isn’t quite warm yet, we recommend a warming rub between your palms to avoid chilly chamois.

Application Option #2: Apply evenly to the insides of your bike shorts before putting them on. A popular option with inflexible persons.

Application Option #3: Take both of the above options for extra protection or if you forgot the preventative measures and are now doing damage control. In that case, bring some butt’r along on your ride for application every 2 hours and ride happy!

Do you love the Butt’r? Or you have another route of rear protection? Let us know!

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Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie


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