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Food & fitness for your consideration // Greek yogurt?? What’s behind the latest dairy craze

First it was yogurt in a squeezable tube, then yogurts as smoothies, now the latest yogurt craze is all Greek. So what’s the difference? Is is Greek healthier than the others? I decided to do a little investigating before the next grocery trip so as to really get the facts.

What makes Greek yogurt different is the straining process during creation. It is strained more extensively than regular yogurt giving it a thicker consistency, more protein, and less sugar. Regular yogurt has more whey and sugar, giving it a higher fat content than plain Greek yogurt.

The taste also takes an interesting turn and can be more on the tangy side, which makes it a great substitute for cream cheese or sour cream in recipes if you are trying to keep your protein intake high and fat intake low.

The only downfall is Greek yogurt doesen’t provide as much calcium as regular. So the bottom line is, Greek has more protein, less sugar, and less fat for about the same calories as regular yogurt, but if you are in need of calcium, you might want to keep with the standard style yogurt.

Personally, I love the thicker, creamier version of the yogurt… and the protein can make an afternoon snack more substantial. But I have also seen plain Greek yogurt used successfully in place of mayo in deviled eggs, which are one of my favorite treats at family gatherings. Click the picture below to see the healthier version, maybe for the first spring BBQ?

Smoky Deviled Eggs with Greek Yogurt


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