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What we love this week // Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus Tire Inflater

It’s March 15th, and last night was officially the first bike ride of the season here in Minneapolis! Despite a couple sore spots that have surfaced this morning due to the winter hiatus, it was a lovely ride. I explored a popular regional trail nearby to my recent relocation. The sun was shining and the smell of spring was in the air. We are still waiting for the green buds to start appearing, but with the high of the day in the low 70’s, I found myself smiling thinking of the months of warm evening bike rides to come.

Before getting outside and on the bike though, I had to do the annual tune-up. This means checking brakes, assuring smooth gear changes, and of course, plumping the tires. If, hypothetically, I had to pick a favorite tune-up, it would certainly not be hunching over a tire-pump ¼ my height pumping away wondering if I’m over-inflating or under-inflating or if I’m even connected to my tire. In reality, a bike pump is a true staple in your bike locker, but I much prefer the simplicity of the CO2 tire inflators. These little gadgets take the guess work and awkward pumping motion out of the tire inflation process. Light and compact, such as the below model, makes these ideal for tire tune-ups while on the go.

Rather inexpensive, you can find CO2 inflators typically between $15 – $30 with refillable cartridges for around $5 – $10 a pack. Connect to your tire valve, pull the trigger, and your tire is ready for the ride in seconds. One cartridge generally fills one deflated tire, or two cartridges for a mountain bike tire. Make sure you understand the type of cartridges your inflator uses when buying, so to be confident you can get refills easily in the future.

Per a user review on “This is one of the few “portable” tools I genuinely like using. It’s simple, reliable, and fast. Simply put the cartridge in the cup, screw on the top, flip a switch, and pull the trigger. If CO2 was a bit cheaper, I wouldn’t even bother with a pump at home.”

This product is definitely ideal for those all-day rides during which you’d rather not carry around a hand pump in case of a flat, and instead just slip this into the back of your Moxie jersey. But also for shorter rides where you might need a quick adjustment to make sure your tires are ideal.

Have you had a good or bad experience with a CO2 inflator? Prefer one brand over another? Give us the scoop!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie 


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