Where to Ride This Weekend

In the Twin Cities & across the country // This lovely weekend get out of town on your bicycle on the St. Boni trail

The Trail: “St. Boni” as nicknamed by locals, but officially a section of the Dakota Rail Trail

Start: Wayzata, on the Northwest corner of Lake Minnetonka, parking available

End: 13.5 miles later in the small settlement of St. Bonifacius, hence the trails nickname

In Between: Stunning views of Lake Minnetonka as you ride across the once was route of the Dakota Rail Corridor which takes you through Orono, Minnetonka Beach, Spring Park, Mound, and Minnetrista

When to Ride: A sunny day in the springtime just as the wildlife has embraced the growing season, which surprisingly could be this weekend! Highs of 55 degrees and sunny for Saturday and Sunday may tempt you out for the first ride of the season. Stop for lunch at the revered St. Boni Bistro, where you can park your bike at their bike rack in sight and sit on the back patio to catch some rays. Fresh, healthy, organic, and local choices of sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items served all day.

Have you rode the trail in the past? Leave a comment on your experience or any other recommendations!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie

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